• Objectivity: Deal with everybody without discrimination or ulterior motive.
  • Beneficence: Act in the best interest of our clients and conduct research and administer treatment that will be beneficial to their health and their population.
  • Non-manificence: Never take any action that will be injurious either to the health or the feeling of our clients. Empathy: To relate with clients with the absolute sense of understanding and sharing their feelings.
  • Integrity: Be at all time, trust worthy and never comprisable and standing in the best gap for our clients and stakeholders.
  • Accountability: To provide up-to-date stewardship of our transaction to the stakeholders and the general public.
  • Transparency: Operate an open-door policy, open to appraisal, criticism and amenable to correction.
  • Efficiency: Provide the best available service to our clients at the right time.
  • Altruism: Always provide selfless service to our clients and meeting their needs
  • Result-oriented: Make sure that all our clients receive and achieve that best obtainable anywhere in the world.

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