We have many programmes for apparently healthy individuals in preventing a stroke and for stroke patients/survivors and individuals living with any nervous system disorders to restore them back to function, such programmes are:

Stroke and nervous system disorders Prevention Strategy: This is a community invasion process that involves professionals in the field of stroke and nervous system disorders. Because stroke is of sudden onset and the predisposing factors usually do not give a warning, they are called silent killers. We do public health awareness programme in steaming down the tides in our community. We aggregate the professionals in health talks, health prevention strategies and community screening of predisposing factors like hypertension, diabetes, overweight, sedentary lifestyle etc. we do public health and awareness programmes to communities, religious centers, markets and recreation centers. We also visit organizations based on invitation teach health and prevention strategies. We print handbills and leaflets containing important life and living habits in
preventing strokes and nervous system disorders. We also visit military and paramilitary outfits for proper screening and advice.

Pathfinder: This programme is dedicated to achieving early intervention especially for stroke survivors. Because time is of essence in stroke prognosis and recovery, we make sure that every stroke patient receives best care immediately an occurrence of stroke. We have connections with all the emergency healthcare centers all over Nigeria and some other few places in West Africa Coast. When and if and individual surfers a stroke, a call is placed to us. We quickly locate the individual to the nearest health facility for acute care system.