Adopt a Patient Strategy: This programme is tailored towards linking a stroke patient or individual with nervous system disorder to a spirited heart individual who volunteered to sponsor the rehabilitation of the patient. We locate the appropriate facility that can provide the needed rehabilitation for the patient, negotiate the rehabilitation cost to a bearable
level and communicate this to the philanthropist who sponsors the rehabilitation cost of the patient.

Reach-One at a Time: This programme requires locating and indigent stroke survivor or individual with nervous system disorder and allocate an expert professional for the rehabilitation. This can be done on home visit or itinerary services. By this, every patient is treated . The foundation pays the professionals for their services at a discounted rate.

Come for care: This programme is dedicated for comprehensive rehabilitation of stroke survivors and individuals with nervous system disorders in a concentrated care center. We involve all the experts that the patients will need and finance their services. We provide the instruments, equipment and other things that will be needed for the effective rehabilitation of the patient. In this programme, we have different sections: children, motor neuron disease, stroke, movement disorders and pain management. We provide holistic service to the patients.