Come for care: This programme is dedicated for comprehensive rehabilitation of stroke survivors and individuals with nervous system disorders in a concentrated care center. We involve all the experts that the patients will need and finance their services. We provide the instruments, equipment and other things that will be needed for the effective rehabilitation of the patient. In this programme, we have different sections: children, motor neuron disease, stroke, movement disorders and pain management. We provide holistic service to the patients.

Assist Care System: This programme is dedicated to people who are willing to be part of the care process but cannot solely sponsor rehabilitation for a patient. They donate through the Foundation’s bank account and it is used for the rehabilitation process of the patients. Facilitate Function. This programme is dedicated to people who can donate mobility equipment such as ambulance, rehabilitation equipment, wheel chairs, crutches, robotic therapy, virtual reality therapy joint and spinal support etc for the rehabilitation and use of the patients.

Making of Experts: This programme is dedicated to workshops and training for the experts that are involved in the management of the patients. The training is fully sponsored by the foundation with only minimal cost on accommodation from people who are from other health facilities who want to learn the contemporary approach in rehabilitation of stroke and nervous system disorders.